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The Most Colorful Cities in the World

Colorful Travel: 10 Colorful Cities You Must Visit

I have this thing with colorful travel. I love finding the most colorful streets in cities all over the world. I’ve actually chosen destinations based on how colorful the city is. So I figured I’d put together this list of favorites for all the…

My 13 Best Travel Experiences of 2016

2016 has been my most traveled one yet, and for that, I am incredibly grateful. This was the year I quit my full-time job to go after something much bigger than me. I fell in love with long-term travel and gained a new appreciation for weekend…

driving through ireland

7 Things to Try in Ireland

If you don’t have a lot of vacation time, and your bucket list keeps growing, how do you make it work? What we try to do is visit at least one new place every year for our wedding anniversary. I feel like when you…