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The Most Colorful Cities in the World

Colorful Travel: 10 Colorful Cities You Must Visit

I have this thing with colorful travel. I love finding the most colorful streets in cities all over the world. I’ve actually chosen destinations based on how colorful the city is. So I figured I’d put together this list of favorites for all the…

Burano Venice Italy

Venice to Burano: Visit Italy’s Most Colorful Island

One of the most colorful corners in the world is located just 45 minutes outside of Venice, Italy. Burano is a magical island that cannot be missed and is great for a day trip. Picture the Venetian canals, but with fewer crowds, and facades…

Best New Orleans Neighborhoods: A Color Lovers Guide

Before heading to the vibrant city of New Orleans, I did some research on the things I cared to explore most. 1. Where should I eat? 2. What are the best New Orleans neighborhoods where I can find colorful architecture? If you’re like me…