Savannah Photography: A Quick City Guide Through Photos

Savannah is such a unique city filled with century-old buildings, antebellum houses, and live oak trees draped in Spanish moss. It’s unlike any city I’ve ever seen before. It’s also another place known for its delicious food and is only a 2-hour drive from Charleston.

If you’re driving the 13+ hours from Chicago as we did, might as well visit both. Our Airbnb was right across the street from Forsyth Park near the historical district (my favorite of all districts). See also the featured image.

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Savannah GA Through my Lens |

Savannah Photography

I loved the way we explored this city! I had a list of some restaurants I wanted to try, and a few spots I wanted to see in person, but besides that, I didn’t have a plan. So then my wonderful husband decided to create his own “tour” of Savannah for me (no, he’s never been to Savannah), and find all the spots he knew I would love. He did a great job too. That man knows me well.

This is Jones Street, voted one of the most beautiful streets in North America.

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah GA Through my Lens |

This lovely jungle of a home is near Forsyth Park. Have you noticed how many different types of trees and plants and bushes Savannah has? Do not forget the bug spray. And don’t bring that organic, non-deet stuff either, bring the real stuff. Trust me, we brought organic spray and the bugs were loving us! I had to make an emergency stop at CVS before they chewed me up.

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah GA Through my Lens |

Aren’t these houses unbelievable?! Look at those ivy-covered steps!

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Savannah GA Through my Lens |

Please take me to London, I have to make a quick call!

Savannah GA Through my Lens |

Like Charleston, there was no shortage of colorful homes in Savannah.

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah GA Through my Lens | Savannah GA Through my Lens |

River Street is such a touristy spot, but who the heck cares when it looks like this! You can also buy cocktails and legally walk around with them as you take pictures and capture the cotton candy sunset.

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah GA Through my Lens |

These buildings are filled with so much character. I love the different style windows and exposed brick.

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah GA Through my Lens |

And thanks to the summer ending sunsets for giving me all the pretty colors.

Savannah GA Through my Lens | Thisdarlingworld.comSavannah Through my Lens |

Where to eat in Savannah

Zunzis is loved by many and for good reason! They make these huge, delicious sandwiches, and everyone that works there is incredibly nice.

Leopold’s Ice Cream is also super popular and good (expect lines).

The Coffee Fox has some pretty good coffee and is one of the highest-rated in Savannah. Oh, and they have coconut milk for your lattes, woohoo!

Back in the Day Bakery has the bomb dot com handcrafted biscuit sandwiches. Everything is made from scratch and filled with southern goodness.

The Olde Pink House is a mansion turned into a restaurant. It has so much history and again amazing service, like above and beyond type of service. It’s on the higher end with pricing, but the portion sizes are fair and the food is really good.

I also tried beignets for the first time. I ordered to go from Huey’s on the River. They were good, but I don’t have anything to compare them to. I’ll circle back to this come November when I go to New Orleans. [Update: They weren’t as good as Cafe Du Monde.]

Savannah GA Through my Lens |

Inside The Olde Pink House:

Savannah GA Through my Lens |

We also took a drive out to the Wormsloe Historic Site because I wanted a picture of this road. Little did I know that they’ve turned the entire place (it goes beyond this road) into some sort of museum. Rookie mistake for not checking beforehand.

It’s only a $10 entrance fee for adults, but I wasn’t interested in the museum so I had to leave. They wouldn’t even let me take a photo without the $10 charge. Needless to say, I took this photo below from the car as we were driving away (rebel, I know) that’s why it isn’t centered.

Savannah Through my Lens |

We booked an Airbnb for our Savannah trip, but it wasn’t anything special for me to recommend on here. However, they have way better options to choose from now. I love staying at Airbnb’s when possible. I always filter my searches to “superhost” and choose “entire place” to make sure I have the privacy and hosting that I’m paying for.

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