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  • 10 travel instagram accounts to follow

    10 Travel Instagram Accounts to Inspire Your Next Trip

    I’ll be honest, I’ve planned entire trips around a picture I saw on Instagram. It’s my favorite social channel for travel inspiration. It’s also a great way to connect with other bloggers and travelers. There’s just so…

  • iceland by car

    Iceland by Car: What to Expect on the Ring Road

    We wanted to use our time wisely while driving through Iceland in May. So that meant not renting hotels or Airbnbs and just sleeping in a campervan. This is so not the type of traveler I…

  • Why You’ll Love Airbnb

    At this point in my travels, I’ve stayed at dozens of Airbnb’s and can’t recommend it enough. It’s an easy concept. People list their apartments, vacation homes, villas, mansions, castles, you name it. You can rent…