A Locals Guide: 19 Best Cafes in Chicago

Updated: October 26, 2022

Do you feel overwhelmed when you see the number of cafes in Chicago? Even as a local, I never knew where to go. So I set out to find the best Chicago coffee to save as my go-to list and share with you all. This post will keep growing as I try more cafes in my hometown, but meanwhile, here are the top 13 most delicious ones I’ve tried so far.

*This post has been updated to reflect Covid-19 closures or changes. 

Best Cafes/Coffee in Chicago

I wish I had done this blog post before the pandemic to have visited these cafes properly. Some have inspiring interiors and beautiful latte art that I would have loved to capture.

Nonetheless, the project has been fun, and the caffeine trip has been exceptional. Soon enough, we’ll be able to sit indoors again safely. Until then, below are the standout cafes, latte art included.

1. Nomad Chicago

Gah, this place is gorgeous! Nomad Chicago is a “sanctuary for the wandering soul.” They are woman-owned and give back in a big way to underserved communities in the city. I love everything they represent.

They offer fresh-roasted beans from Metric Coffee, homemade syrups, and oat and coconut milk alternatives. They also offer cold-pressed juices and fresh pastries from local bakeries. You can shop around while you wait for your order or take in the beauty of the space.

I can’t believe we waited so long to try Nomad, but now we’re hooked. Our lattes were so good they seriously made our day. UPDATE: Indoor seating is now open.

Favorite drink: Any seasonal latte is a winner; they put a lot of thought into their recipes. 

photos: facebook.com/nomadchicago

2. Ludlow Charlingtons Coffee Shop

I love Ludlow. Their coffee is so consistently good that we drive 30 minutes out of our way to pick up some lattes. I’ve enjoyed their seasonal lattes and am looking forward to their new creations. I also love their mission to help Chicago’s shelter dogs!

From their site, “With every sale of Ludlow Charlingtons branded merchandise from our shop, we will donate 50% of the profits to our partner, Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC).” FCACC is a dog rescue I support as well, so I’m all for this mission.

The dogs you see dressed in Victorian fashion are actual dogs from the local shelter that have been recently adopted. I love it all.

3. The Stockyard Coffeehouse

The Stockyard Coffeehouse brought terrific options to the Bridgeport neighborhood. I’ve lived in Bridgeport for several years, and the cafe scene seemed nonexistent until the Stockyard came around. I love having a place nearby to get delicious Coffee.

The cafe is Latino-owned, so you’ll find plenty of Latino-inspired coffees like Mexican mochas, horchata lattes, and dulce de leche lattes. They just put a new latte on the menu made with mazapan (a nut-flavored Mexican treat).

I’ve loved all the drinks I just listed; the mazapan one is something else. The point is their brews are delightful. They also sell sandwiches and soups. It’s worth the drive if you don’t live nearby, and if you’re a tourist exploring nearby, definitely stop in.

Favorite drink: Mexican Mocha w/coconut milk, Cardamom Latte with oat milk, Iced Mazapan Latte

photos: facebook.com/stockyardcoffeehouse

4. Caffe Streets

After visiting Metric and loving it, I decided to check out Caffe Streets because I had read that the co-owner of Metric is also the founder of Caffe Streets. I figured it had to be good, and it is! It is!

I’ve loved it so much that I’ve gone back numerous times within the last few weeks. Can you see why I said the caffeine trip has been great? Haha! They do have oat milk as an alternative and some pretty unique drinks.

Jorge ordered a rose latte, and it was surprisingly delicious. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ll get when you order these out-of-the-box drinks, but we were both happy with our choices.

They’re only offering takeout because of the pandemic (they have a takeout window), but I can’t wait till it’s all over so we can enjoy our coffee inside their great space. UPDATE: They now have indoor seating. It’s an excellent spot to get work done.

Favorite drink: Vanilla Latte with oat milk, Rose Latte

photos: facebook.com/caffestreetschicago

5. Big Shoulders Coffee

Big Shoulders Coffee has numerous locations in the city. They are a roaster offering “no-nonsense artisan coffee.” my favorite has been their West Town (Chicago Ave.) location.

I had seen photos of their marshmallow lattes floating around Instagram for months before I decided to check it out. Silly me. I missed out on months of delicious Coffee.

The marshmallow latte is something I never realized I needed in my life. I love the presentation even when I have to take it to go. Is anyone else missing the actual cafe experience?

Favorite drink: Marshmallow Latte with oat milk

photo: yelp.com/kelseyh

6. Sawada Coffee

Sawada Coffee recently reopened its doors after the pandemic started. Nobody lied; the Coffee is exceptional, and the latte art is among the best in town! I was excited to try them because I’ve heard and read great things.

One of their most popular drinks is the military latte, a combo of matcha and espresso. I’m not huge on matcha, but they seem to have one of the best matcha lattes around.

I got a vanilla latte, and the Coffee tasted so smooth. The space is small but artsy. Don’t miss Sawada!

Favorite drink: Vanilla Latte with oat milk, Tokyo-Style Latte 

photo: facebook.com/sawadacoffee

7. The Wormhole Coffee

The Wormhole is one of the best-reviewed coffee shops in Chicago. It’s located in Wicker Park. The interior has this relaxed retro vibe going on. They have some creative drink options, and I believe they’re currently offering oat milk as an alternative. During the non-pandemic days, there’s plenty of space to sit down inside, work, and enjoy your Coffee. Right now, they’re only offering takeout. UPDATE: They now have indoor seating.

Favorite drink: Vanilla latte with oat milk

photo: facebook.com/inthewormhole

8. The Crepe Shop 

The Crepe Shop has the best crepes in the city, but did you know that their Coffee is equally impressive? They have a handful of flavored lattes on the menu, and they all taste incredible. I also want to note that they never get my latte wrong. It’s always perfectly balanced, blowing my mind every time.

It’s a one-stop shop for breakfast/brunch, and they have the cutest space. With COVID season, the city shuts down the shop’s street (Broadway) to offer street dining. I believe that only happens on weekends, though. UPDATE: I’m not sure if the city still closes Broadway street, but the shop still has a few seats for outdoor dining, and their entire indoor space is also open for dining.

Don’t miss The Crepe Shop if you’re hungry or need a caffeine fix.

Favorite drink: Cardamom Rose latte with oat milk; Jorge loves the Citrus Flower Latte or Lavender Latte

photo: instagram.com/thecrepeshopchicago

9. Bad Owl Coffee Roasters

Bad Owl is still relatively new to the Bridgeport, Chicago, area. The Vegas-based roaster came in with a bang and has garnered many fans in the short time it’s been open. Their drink menu is a collection of classic coffees, creative lattes, and a few coffee flights you can try. They also sell a handful of breakfast sandwiches and toast. Bad Owl has undoubtedly been a great addition to the neighborhood!

Favorite drink: Lavender Latte with oat milk, Second Breakfast Latte, Oatchata Latte

source: facebook.com/badowlcoffee

10. Metric Coffee 

Metric Coffee is a Chicago roaster that makes one hell of a latte. Their menu is simple, offering basic espresso drinks with a side of freshly baked doughnuts from Brite. Please don’t skip the doughnuts, they offer unique flavors, and all have been so good. They also have both coconut and oat milk as alternatives.

The coffee shop is tiny, with a bit of counter space. They’re mainly pick-up-and-go. They recently reopened their outdoor patio so that you can enjoy coffee outside during the warmer days.

I like Metric’s vibe and everything they’re roasting; I’ll keep returning.

Favorite drink: Vanilla Latte with coconut or oat milk 

photo: facebook.com/metriccoffee

11. Fairgrounds Coffee and Tea

I’ve been visiting Fairgrounds for a while now, and it’s one of my favorite places to get some work done and enjoy a good cup of Coffee. They have tasty breakfast sandwiches as well. You can also order flights of Coffee, tea, or kombucha to try a few different flavors!

So far, the Fulton Market has been my preferred location. They’ve also ventured out to other states, so if you’re in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, or LA, check them out.

Favorite drink: Vanilla Latte with coconut milk

photo: facebook.com/ourfairgrounds

12. Mojo Coffee

If you’re in the loop, check out Mojo Coffee. They are a New Zealand roaster that set up shop in Chicago as their first USA location. They have a few cafes around the loop area serving hand-crafted New Zealand-style coffee.

We visited LaSalle St (linked in the title) and ordered vanilla lattes and a flat white. We ordered a flat white because that’s the most popular NZ drink. You can tell they whip up some quality stuff. They also have gorgeous-looking toasts and bowls available.

Favorite drink: Vanilla Latte with oat milk

photos: facebook.com/mojocoffeeusa

13. Atmos Coffee Shop

Atmos opened in the middle of the pandemic and is Black and Latina-owned. The cafe is small but well-designed and cozy for my work-from-home peeps. I fell in love with their Abuelita latte, a combination of Mexican chocolate, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. They’re always trying new and unique drinks and food offerings, so every visit is a pleasant surprise.

Favorite drink: Abuelita Latte with oat milk

photo: facebook.com/atmoscoffeeshop

14. Backlot Coffee

Backlot is a coffee roaster with a fun community background and great drinks. Friendly baristas always greet us, and their cardamom latte is one of my favorites! Since it started in Evanston (Illinois), north of the city, their Chicago location is pretty far north. But you won’t regret the drive to Backlot if you have a car.

Favorite drink: Cardamom Latte with oat milk

photo: facebook.com/backlotcoffee

15. Coffee Lab & Roasters – Lakeview

Another great find in the city. There is also a location in Evanston if you’re ever further north. Coffee Lab isn’t afraid to experiment and has unique seasonal drinks like piña colada lattes or blackberry mochas, and they’re surprisingly not overly sweet. They make many of their syrups, and I’ve noticed how important that is for taste and balance. Definitely check them out if you’re in the area.


16. Blue Bottle Coffee 

I’ll admit we didn’t visit Blue Bottle when they first opened because the location is inconvenient for a local if you don’t live or work nearby. However, we recently stayed at the hotel we had our wedding, and it’s right across the street from Blue Bottle Coffee, so I was excited to try it! Boy, I’m glad we did. We loved the coffee, but especially the view from the outdoor patio. The cafe sits on the prettiest corner and is a treat for any visitor to the city.

17. Passion House Coffee Roasters

I just visited this fantastic coffee roaster at their Goose Island location and fell in love with their current seasonal Sweet Potato Latte. They also have a great space to work, and it’s open-air during the warmer months. Plus, they have a parking lot in the middle of Chicago! It’s unheard of. Their coffee is solid, and I’m looking forward to trying more lattes.


18. Two Mile Coffee Bar

If you’re further south near the Beverly, Chicago area, do not hesitate to stop for coffee at Two Mile. Their coffee is consistently good, and I love their cafe and outdoor space. They have the best Cardamom Rose latte in the entire city. As a bonus, they also offer croissants and pastries from Butterdough. I visit this place weekly. No regrets.

Favorite drink: Cardamom Rose Latte with oat milk


19. Afro Joe’s Coffee

You’re in luck if you’re in the Beverly area because not only do they have Two Mile, but right across the way, you’ll find the fantastic Afro Joe’s Coffee. Their Sweet Potato Latte during the fall season seems to be the most popular, but their coffee is all-around good. They have a great patio, open-air area, delicious breakfast options, live music some weekends, and tons of fun events.

facebook.com/afrojoes @cuppachicago ig

Whether it’s your first time in the city or you’ve lived here your whole life, I hope this post makes your upcoming caffeine trip a little easier. As mentioned, this list will keep growing as I try all the fantastic Chicago cafes. If there’s one you think I need to check out, please let me know in the comments.

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    Oromo Cafe?

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      Need to check that out!

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    Had several U of Chicago students recommend Plein Air Coffee during recent tour. Was not disappointed. Was also a cool bookstore next door.

    • Reply Lily August 4, 2022 at 1:13 pm

      Good to know, thank you! I need to update this post to include Ludlow Charlingtons Coffee Shop, Coffee Lab & Roasters, Afro Joe’s, and Two Mile Coffee Bar. I will be updating soon.

  • Reply Judy CC August 2, 2022 at 10:42 pm

    Two more Bridgeport highlights from my short list: Bridgeport Coffee and Jackalope. 💓

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      Thank you!

  • Reply waitingforrain28 July 18, 2020 at 6:35 pm

    I have family in Chicago so I go with fair regularity. I am 100% going to add these to a list of places to visit. They all look so beautiful and tasty!!!

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      Glad I can help add new spots to your list 🙂 I’m sure you’ll love them!

  • Reply Cosette July 18, 2020 at 7:42 am

    Oh, these look like lovely places to sit down for a drink or two. Thanks for the list.

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      Thanks for reading! 🙂

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