11 Facts About Me and Jorge

Jorge and I will be celebrating our 7th wedding anniversary soon (April 8, 2018), and I thought it’d be fun to share a little bit more about the duo behind this blog! I chose to do 11 facts because we met 11 years ago, back in 2007.

1. We met through a mutual friend at Jorge’s show. Jorge was the bass player in a band, and they had their cd release party. He says he noticed me when I walked into the room and wanted to know who the “girl in the red shirt” was *me*. I didn’t notice him until he was on stage with his guitar and his N’Sync t-shirt (his shirt won me over). After asking my friend for more details on this cute bass player, I knew I had to meet him. Side note: I almost didn’t get into the show because the bouncer saw right through my fake ID! I was only 20 at the time. He was nice enough to let me in any way. Thank you, Mr. Bouncer; I met my husband that night!

11 facts about me and my husbandnight we met

2. We both really, really, really love dogs. We’ve fostered quite a few so far, dog sat a dozen more, and point out all the dogs to each other when we’re in public. Seriously. The conversation will stop, and one of us will be like, “omg, look at that dog!” That’s totally normal, right?

11 facts about me and my husbanddoggy swooning over Jorge

3. We hired a musician to sing “Marry Me” by Train as I walked down the aisle for our wedding. I’ve always loved that song, especially the lyric, “marry me… if I ever get the nerve to say hello in this cafe” because we were both SO shy the night we met and so nervous to even say hello to each other, our friends had to help us get the convo going. Jorge also reunited with his old bandmates and played a few songs for our reception. It was an unforgettable day.

11 facts about me and my husband

4. He’s probably the most chill person you’ll ever meet, and I’m probably not, lol. But dammit, we make a great duo and complement each other well.

11 facts about me and my husband

5. I work from home doing freelance digital marketing. Office life and limited vacation time weren’t working out for me too well, so I decided to take a shot at building my own thing. Jorge was a math teacher for five years before he quit, went back to school, and became an engineer (his actual dream job).

when he got his second bachelors

6. If you ask us separately what our favorite country is, we’ll both say Italy. We love it so much we try to add it to every Euro trip we take. We’re hoping to head back there this fall, and it’ll be our fifth time visiting in the last seven years.

7. Jorge is the main cook in our home, and I’m the sous chef. I make all the sides and desserts, and he focuses on the main dishes. He’s naturally amazing at it; how can I take that away?

the original friend’s couch

8. Neither of us would want to travel full time. We both love our hometown of Chicago and love having the combination of cozy routine and memorable adventures.

9. As I mentioned in a previous post, Jorge and I were trying to move to Europe last year for a short while to be able to travel more freely. We wanted to have Europe in our backyard, so we didn’t have to cross an ocean all the time. We figured since Germany was in demand for engineers, we’d attempt that route. So, we spent all summer working on his resume, looking for jobs, and researching everything needed for the big move. It turns out engineers aren’t as in demand as they make it seem, but he did eventually get a second interview with a company out there! But stuff just kept happening stateside, and we could tell this wasn’t our time. We both took it hard, but I may have taken it harder. I cried for hours the night we decided to quit trying. But you know what? I’m so glad we at least tried. Like my fave quote says, “What I do know is that there are two kinds of pain in this life: risk and regret. I’d rather live with the first than the second.”

that’s my engagement ring in the photo

10. We’re both pretty introverted. It’s tough for us to put ourselves in a new social situation with people we don’t know. And we get exhausted after two days of back-to-back social events with people we do know, lol! Though we enjoy hanging out with good friends and crazy family, we also very much love lounging on the couch catching up on the Big Bang Theory or Criminal Minds with hopefully a dog nearby. We thrive on alone time.

11. We have a similar sense of humor, and I can talk to that man for hours like it’s our first year of dating. That’s why we have the BEST road trips! We enjoy the same music (alternative rock) and talk about everything under the sun as we’re driving to explore a new *or old favorite* destination.

12. A little bonus yet crucial fact about us: We’re Christian and go to a non-denominational Christian church in the city. I chose to get baptized at age 21 and Jorge at age 26. Our individual relationship with God is so key to who we are as a couple today. God has been at the center of our relationship since before we even got married. I love being married to a man who prays with me, over me, and for me when I’m not around, as I do for him. Someone who reminds me to seek God in everything, especially when I’m feeling anxious (which is often). I know that’s not for everyone, but this is us, and I feel so blessed to have this thing called us. We’ve grown individually and with God, and to see that growth each year has been pretty incredible. So, God willing, here’s to 70 more years of marriage!

Jorge and I as little bitty babies!!


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    What a lovely couple! Hope we can al travel soon!

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      Thank you so much! 🙂 Definitely hoping for more travel soon.

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    ❤️love you guys so much! Happy anniversary!

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    Thanks for sharing!! I really enjoyed reading this! 🙂

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